Sunday, March 5, 2017

Crew Bar


I haven't posted to this blog in years...but I still remember what Crew Bar was like.

It was a normal thing to swing by crew bar for a beer after finally finishing work at the spa.  A quick beer at 10pm would determine what the rest of the night would be like.  Either you'd go straight to your cabin and demolish a cup-o-noodles before crashing or you'd be finding something fun to wear and heading straight back to crew bar for Latin night, Philipino karaoke or just a normal night of some drinking and the ship's DJ.  It's dangerous having a bar right downstairs from where you live.

I have to warn have a limit on how much you can drink and it's enforced.  Most of the ship employees are more intoxicated than this limit but usually you can slide as long as you are coherent, not in guest areas and are still being responsible.  For me, crew bar kept me sane and made it possible to tolerate the stress of work.

Sometimes they'd have amazing crew parties...Costume parties on Halloween, deck parties with free drinks and the open sky, toga parties.  We had it good.  They do their best to keep everyone happy.  Here's some pictures of some of the Crew Bar parties...

Any by the way...I had many guests beg me to bring them to crew bar, or even offer money to tell them how to get there.  ALWAYS say no.  You would easily be fired for that.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Steiner Commissions News!

Oh NO!  I never thought this would happen...but Steiner has LOWERED commissions for massage therapist on board.

I really hate bringing bad news that could possibly discourage someone from working onboard.

*sad face*

I went on a cruise last month as a guest (which was very weird AND awesome).  I made my way up to the spa and found a few sweet Steiner girl who was happy to update me on the company and how things were going.  At least on board that ship.

Business was good, but I was shocked to hear that commissions paid to massage therapists were lowered from above 7% to around 2%.  YIKES!  That's a big drop from an already low pay.

Full amount of tips are still paid and commissions on retail products are still higher,...but I was still very disappointing to hear of this change.

Oh Steiner.  I still love you, and I'm not judging you...but I don't completely understand.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ship Smell

There's smells that make me think of the ship, England,...Steiner...

Rainy days while riding in a cool bus; making a musty wet smell in the air.

Elemis products all day...the smell of seaweed, lavender...Skin Nourishing Milk Bath.  :)

There's smells from Ports I visited...busy streets with tired people mixed with fresh Caribbean chicken or tacos...Ahhh.  Coconuts and Corona.

Ship engines running, hallways just mopped.

Hungover co-workers and my boyfriends cologne...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Update of my LIFE

I've been off ships for two years now.

Since then, I started a front desk position at a boutique hotel.  It's amazing how much trouble can be caused with fourteen rooms and twelve employees.  After six months there, I was seduced by the ability to control.  I wanted to take over the hotel!  I wanted to fix everything!  I sold myself to my manager and encouraged her to create a higher paying position for me.  And thus, I became Hotel Weekend Supervisor with a couple dollar$ more pay.

It was great to begin with...I felt I was making a difference.  I did the little created an email address for work, began to give my personal details to guests hoping to secure them as one of ''my VIP's'' in the future.  I succumbed to the lifestyle of a full-time worker.

That didn't last very long.

My hands were still tied behind those above me.  I grimaced when needing to check before making a decision.  I was bitter when a call I made was wrong, and it was the topping to the cake when my personal work email was no longer personal.  I was expected to provide my password to have all correspondence 'double-checked'.  No, I had nothing to hide- but I felt challenged.  And that doesn't settle well with me.

In an instant, I gave back my title and cut down my hours.  It's amazing how your mind can change in a matter of moments.  Your priorities change and a sunrise seems to be rising in the back of your eyes.    I am not a business woman.  I am a Massage Therapist.  I am a Traveler.  I do not like stress.

I'm now part time at the hotel and getting very busy with massage appointments.  Living in South Beach Miami, everything is very seasonal.  Summer is slow, very few tourists and less business.  When November comes...buckle up- everyone's back.  I'm hoping to be very busy.  My clients seem to be very satisfied with their treatments and thanks to Steiner...I have tons of experience.

I have tried to calculate how many people I have massaged in my life.  With cruising...the guests changed every week.  In one week I could massage up to probably 50 people if I was fully booked!  And what about Embarkation Day?  5 minute testers if I counted those...  I have the experience of so many different bodie types, personalities, results...It brings high confidence and versatility!  There is a sense of respect you are awarded when you can say you've completed contracts on board.  It's an ACHIEVEMENT.

Monday, June 11, 2012

WiFi at the YMCA!

Web Cam-s!

Before leaving my home…everyone was asking how I’d be able to keep in touch…

Do they have phones on the ship? Internet? Can you bring your computer? How often will you call me?
So many questions I had NO idea how to answer!!

Your family is going to be very curious for updates on your new adventure! They may be worried…and
nervous for you too.

#1: At the YMCA- They are EXTREMELY internet friendly. It’s completely free and quite fast. There’s
the entire lounge area with tables and outlets to plug to power. The cafeteria is open until late in the
evening for a little more privacy. There is also a small room before you get to the cafeteria on your
left side. It’s small and when I was at the academy…usually empty! Seeing that I missed my handsome
man…I took that opportunity to chat for hours. It was nice to have somewhere that was quiet.

Some people are lucky enough to get WiFi reception in their room. I didn’t…but only needed to go out
in the hallway and about 4 doors down. There’s quite few floors in the YMCA…I believe 3 are occupied
by only Steiner’s. The other floors, well…we’ll save that for another post….

This is what the hallways tend to look like in the evening! :

Thursday, June 7, 2012

London-Heathrow Airport

Wow...time couldn't go fast enough!

When I think about the months just before leaving for England; I can only remember packing-unpacking-repacking my suitcase.  Struggling to hold it up in my arms while standing on a normal house-hold scale.  It was amazing how many times I thought my suitcase was light enough but was still over 80 pounds!

I had to find a creative way to cut down all my possessions for 10 months into 2 luggages.  Who knows how us Cruise-crew do it...but we never fail!

Looking over the traveling instructions and memorizing Elemis products became a daily routine.  I wanted to be prepared!

I remember my family crying and me feeling so sick.  What an exciting day!  I had traveled before...but it was my first time on such a long flight and OVER the ocean.

After everything...I find that one of the toughest parts of the travel (both times) was getting from the airport to the YMCA.  I personally found the train/bus system in England overwhelming.  Even with all the preparation packets they gave to me...I still took the wrong bus which ended up taking 3 times as long to get to Watford.

This is what the entrance of the YMCA looks like...:

From the bus station you walk for about a mile to the YMCA....which you have no idea where it is.  ASK QUESTIONS!!  You are most likely pulling 2 huge suitcases, a laptop, and the biggest purse you could find before leaving.  It's going to be the hardest walk you've ever done!  Luckily...the second time I went; I met two boys on the bus who were staying at the YMCA training at the academy as Fitness.  They carried my bags and escorted me there!  What a relief!  After a contract on board you tend to be able to pick out the "Steiners".  Like they always say onboard...

"Nothing finer than a Steiner."  :-)

The following video is on my youtube channel, LepaJessi.  It's right after I arrived in London for training the second time.  Obviously sporting THE WORST cut EVER.  I don't know what this chick was thinking when she gave me bangs that a 3 year old gives to herself.