Sunday, March 5, 2017

Crew Bar


I haven't posted to this blog in years...but I still remember what Crew Bar was like.

It was a normal thing to swing by crew bar for a beer after finally finishing work at the spa.  A quick beer at 10pm would determine what the rest of the night would be like.  Either you'd go straight to your cabin and demolish a cup-o-noodles before crashing or you'd be finding something fun to wear and heading straight back to crew bar for Latin night, Philipino karaoke or just a normal night of some drinking and the ship's DJ.  It's dangerous having a bar right downstairs from where you live.

I have to warn have a limit on how much you can drink and it's enforced.  Most of the ship employees are more intoxicated than this limit but usually you can slide as long as you are coherent, not in guest areas and are still being responsible.  For me, crew bar kept me sane and made it possible to tolerate the stress of work.

Sometimes they'd have amazing crew parties...Costume parties on Halloween, deck parties with free drinks and the open sky, toga parties.  We had it good.  They do their best to keep everyone happy.  Here's some pictures of some of the Crew Bar parties...

Any by the way...I had many guests beg me to bring them to crew bar, or even offer money to tell them how to get there.  ALWAYS say no.  You would easily be fired for that.