Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Steiner Commissions News!

Oh NO!  I never thought this would happen...but Steiner has LOWERED commissions for massage therapist on board.

I really hate bringing bad news that could possibly discourage someone from working onboard.

*sad face*

I went on a cruise last month as a guest (which was very weird AND awesome).  I made my way up to the spa and found a few sweet Steiner girl who was happy to update me on the company and how things were going.  At least on board that ship.

Business was good, but I was shocked to hear that commissions paid to massage therapists were lowered from above 7% to around 2%.  YIKES!  That's a big drop from an already low pay.

Full amount of tips are still paid and commissions on retail products are still higher,...but I was still very disappointing to hear of this change.

Oh Steiner.  I still love you, and I'm not judging you...but I don't completely understand.


  1. Hi Jessi,

    I'm just reading your blog, you are helping me so much!!! :-) Haha, even your comments about working in a hotel and getting stressed. I thought I'm weird for not liking stressful jobs, as I've done it all, sure everyone has a stressful job! So here I am, two days before the interview freaking out and thinking... maybe I should shut up and look for a normal job like normal people... But the thing is, I don't want to be normal! :-) Something inside me is screaming to go out there and travel the world, I just don't think I will ever settle if I don't do it. Need to get it out of my system. I'm a massage therapist too... I really hope that even with the pay cuts it will still be worth it. But sure, first I need to be hired!! ;-) wish me luck!


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