Monday, June 11, 2012

WiFi at the YMCA!

Web Cam-s!

Before leaving my home…everyone was asking how I’d be able to keep in touch…

Do they have phones on the ship? Internet? Can you bring your computer? How often will you call me?
So many questions I had NO idea how to answer!!

Your family is going to be very curious for updates on your new adventure! They may be worried…and
nervous for you too.

#1: At the YMCA- They are EXTREMELY internet friendly. It’s completely free and quite fast. There’s
the entire lounge area with tables and outlets to plug to power. The cafeteria is open until late in the
evening for a little more privacy. There is also a small room before you get to the cafeteria on your
left side. It’s small and when I was at the academy…usually empty! Seeing that I missed my handsome
man…I took that opportunity to chat for hours. It was nice to have somewhere that was quiet.

Some people are lucky enough to get WiFi reception in their room. I didn’t…but only needed to go out
in the hallway and about 4 doors down. There’s quite few floors in the YMCA…I believe 3 are occupied
by only Steiner’s. The other floors, well…we’ll save that for another post….

This is what the hallways tend to look like in the evening! :

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