Wednesday, January 4, 2012



I worked for Steiner Trans Ocean for two contracts on a total of four different cruise ships.  For those of you unfamiliar to Steiner...Huge company!  They own the spas on most cruiseliners, have land based spa all over the globe, and also own Elemis, Ionithermie, Bliss, and more.  They are extremely successful and professional.  I love that I had the chance to be incolced with their operation.  I learned a lot.  Although I chose to leave the company; I still like to share my knowledge.  I grew a lot as a person while traveling and working my ass off.  I met amazing life long friends and my wonderful lover.  Beginning to chase the dream of working at sea is intimidating, exhilarating, and full of unanswered questions!  I'd love to be able to answer some of those questions and make the majority of your experience positive and exciting.  You will take control of your dreams.  Just roll with the waves!


  1. Iv seen your videos on youtube and you seem to have had a great experience with Stiener! I have my interview in 3 weeks, and i am very nervous as i feel it is a big step! im 21, in a new relationhip and feel confused about taking this opportunity or not! iv also heard awful stories about life on the ship, conditions and working hours!!???

    1. Hi Glam!
      Big choice for you to make! I suggest to definitely go to the interview. Nothing will be set in stone, and you'll meet new people who are also confused and not sure about the step they're possibly going to make. Yes, it is a huge life changing step...especially difficult seeing that you are in a new relationship. You are also at an amazing age to travel, gain experience, and cruise!

      I won't lie...the working hours are cah ray zeeeeee. You'll work late nights, work early and hungover, and be tired. But there's nothing like a day off that you worked your ass off for. And girl, if you can SELL- your life on board will be so much EASIER!

      I don't have many bad things to say about the conditions of the ships. The Princess I was on was really clean...and good cabins. The celebrity ships were a little older so they were slightly more slack on how clean they kept it but it was still good. Just don't go to the kitchens or trash area and you'll feel just fine. The most undesirable crew conditions I was in was on a SilverSeas ship. Large yacht and very high class ship. So it was surprising that it was the lowest quality crew areas.

      Anyways...I hope you are happy with whatever choice you make!! It will be the right one!

      xxo, Lepa Jess