Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Applying for Steiner...

This is the key:

Steiner recruits all around the world.  They hold specific dates for interviews at different locations around the globe.  You'll send in an application online.  Their website is great and will answer many of your questions.

Their most recent upcoming interview in the states is in March 2012 in Miami.   There may be changes, or possibly more interview dates added.

You must have the proper education for your specialty.  They employ hairdressers, beauty therapists, massage therapists, fitness trainers, nail technicians, barbers, acupuncturists, and medispa doctors.  I'm not sure if they are still hiring for receptionists, but their site says they are.

Look over the information they provide, this will answer lots of questions and begin the process of working on board!  It also makes working on the ship feel so much more like a reality.


  1. Hi,I just applied at steiner. I've chosen Las Vegas, NV as my my interview location. what should I expect??

  2. Las Vegas Nevada has a very popular Steiner Family of Schools there. I'm quite sure that's where the interview will take place. The whole interviewing process is most likely almost the same as my blog post says it was when I went. Expect to meet lots of people, take a cab instead of a bus or public transport to ensure you make it there in good time and stress free! Best of luck to you, be confident and have fun. :)

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