Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I got my email about 2 weeks later and it said I passed the interview.  I was in my kitchen and almost my entire family was home.  I had just finished a very long day at my job at a Flower warehouse.  I could see everything changing!

The didn't waste any time either.  In the email they asked when I would be available to come to the London Training Academy and confirmed they would be sending me the infamous "Steiner Training Pack".  That was the next step.

I gave my soonest date and waited for the Training Pack.  It took 7-10 day to arrive from England and inside there was so much information!  All the fees were broken down for me, contract lengths, and commissions.  There were maps and advice on how to get to the Watford YMCA from the airport and tips on what to pack.

Also enclosed was a CD with Elemis products.  I'm sure the just transfer everything via email now.  I began studying my product and memorizing the ingredients...

I couldn't wait to start!


  1. Hi!! :) Im deciding if I should work for Steiner, Everything is done they just need my decision :(
    What can you tell me?. Im a hairdresser and I want to know if you need to be like super awesome to do the kind of hairdos they ask in the spa. Hope you can understand my english, Im from Argentina. Loved your videos on Youtube. Hope to hear from you. :) Brenda

  2. Hi! Thanks for asking me! As far as hairdo's....In my experience on board-the hairstylist mostly were doing wash and blow drys. Mainly just a regular style. I was on Celebrity most of my contracts and the primary clientele was middle age to older. Of course you need to have skill and be friendly and professional. A lot of the hair stylists tried to promote colors or highlights and different curls or up dos that were most expensive in order to make higher commission. If you are a newer hairstylist, this is a great way to gain experience. Most of it is confidence.

    Your English was perfect, by the way.

    Best of luck and let me know your decision!

  3. Hi!! I have 3 questions ,on your first contract do work nine months straight? Second, how long does stenier keep you in training ? Lastly, If you only speak English will it be a problem for this kind of job? Thanks!

  4. Heiii,

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